Jack Russell Terrier

Heidi and Bobby

Heidi and Bobby are two Jack Russell Terriers. Heidi is aged between 7-8 years, and Bobby, aged 8 years, were living in appalling conditions before they were rescued by an RSPCA inspector. Although not related, both had spent the whole of their lives in tiny kennels which were in a horrendous state through not being cleaned.


(Heidi, pictured above)

Heidi was slightly underweight because she had been used for breeding and as had quite a few litters. However, she is now in good health and at her ideal weight.

Due to the appalling conditions they were kept in, both Heidi and Bobby are being treated with medicated shampoos as their skin is a bit scaley. The branch will be able to advise whether this medication will need to be continued after rehoming.


(Bobby, pictured above)

Despite their ordeal, Heidi and Bobby both have wonderful temperaments. They are really sweet and affectionate and love lots of fussing. Heidi is the more laidback of the two, and Bobby is full of beans!

Apart from working excursions both animals were hardly exercised before, but despite this they are incredibly good on the lead.

Although they were rescued together, the branch is looking for separate homes for the dogs. The branch has already tried to rehome the dogs as a pair, but unfortunately they did not get along as well as hoped due to Bobby trying to mate with Heidi.

They need to be the only pets as neither are good with small animals. Heidi is good around other dogs, but Bobby is only good with females and needs to be kept on a lead around other males.

Heidi can be rehomed with older children, but due to an ear infection that Bobby had a few years ago, Bobby cannot be rehomed with children at all as he can be a little grumpy if his ears are fussed.

After the experiences they have had, Heidi and Bobby really just need some ‘home comforts’ - good food, lots of regular walks, a garden to play in and, above all, lots of love and attention.

Any new owner must bear in mind that having lived in kennels all their lives, Heidi and Bobby are not house-trained. However, they have been clean at the kennels and the branch is sure that it will take them no time at all to settle into a normal home environment.

Both are fully vaccinated, including kennel cough, and have been treated against worms and fleas. They have both been microchipped and neutered, and have had their nails clipped and teeth cleaned.

Heidi and Bobby are each looking for the chance of living out the rest of their lives in a cosy house with their respective new owners.If Heidi and Bobby appeal to you as a pair and you want more information on this rescue pair email us today or call 01625 669620. If you would only be willing to take one of these Jack Russell Terriers - still let us know, in case we cannot home them as a pair.

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Daisy and Tag

Daisy and Tag are 10 year old Jack Russells. They are sweet dogs who are looking for home together, they are brother and sister and have lived together all of their lives.


They are very well behaved on the lead and good with other dogs but Tag can be protective of Daisy. They are fully house-trained, travel well in the car and are happy to be left for short periods. Daisy is a little nervous so is looking for a quiet home with adults only. They will make great pets.

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Friday is a Jack Russell Terrier male aged approximately 9 months old. Friday was brought to Battersea when he was only 5 months of age, sadly he is still here looking for a new home, his previous owners were moving abroad and sadly couldn’t take little Friday with them.


Like most Terriers Friday is a bold character and ideally needs experienced owners who have owned Terriers or similar feisty types, Friday would not make a suitable pet for the less active owner wanting a lapdog companion type.

Friday is active and intelligent, he has good motivations for training and responds well to a firm and consistent approach. Unfortunately in his last home Friday was allowed to do as he pleased and did not receive any training or guidence, dedication is needed.

Being a puppy Friday does get bored, he cannot be left alone for long periods and would benefit from crate training. Friday cannot live with children, an all adult household is preferred as he will need confident handling and consistency fro day one.

For the Terrier enthusiast Friday will be make a super addition, if you feel you could offer the home he needs please contact the rehoming team at Old Windsor on 01784 494443, apply online or email us on .

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My name is Megan I know this because I have microchip! I am an older Jack Russell female, although I do have a microchip the people said they knew nothing of me so I am without a home. I am currently sharing with my good friend Rudie, so I am a friendly little girl towards other dogs and people. I am calm and loving and would like nothing more than a home to call my own….. Can anyone out there find it in their hearts to give me a home.


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Garfield is a 3-5 year old male Jack Russell Terrier that arrived at Battersea Dog’s & Cat’s Home in March 2007 as a stray. A feisty little character, Garfield seems to have quite a high opinion of himself, especially around other dogs. He is not overly pushy with his interactions and does listen when told off.


Garfield is looking for owners who have had experience of a dog with a similar character rather than experience of the breed. He would be suited to an adult household with no children due to intolerance levels but older teenagers will be considered depending on experience.

His ideal new home would be a house rather than a flat due to his vocal nature and neighbours will need to be considered, especially if the house is not detached, a new home in a low dog populated area so owners can maintain focus when out and about in a semi-rural or rural location.

He could live with another dog, possibly a mature female who will show him the boundaries of what is and what isn’t acceptable behaviour. A loveable rogue who is set in his ways and looking for owners who like their males. Garfield  will need some further training in his new home.

To receive advice and guidance regarding this training from the Behaviour Unit staff that have worked with him, potential owners should be prepared to come into the Dogs Home for a minimum of two visits. Garfield is at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London. Please call the Behaviour Unit on 020 7627 7884 if you are interested in Garfield or email us on and quote ref 2007/01705.

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Meet Sammie, he is an 8 year old castrated male Jack Russell Terrier that was brought to the Bath Cats & Dogs Home in January 2006, as a stray. Sammie is a friendly lad once he gets to know you however, he does require an extensive period of getting to know.


He is extremely loyal and playful - loves tennis balls but squeaky toys scare him! He needs someone that understands Terriers and their wilful and stubborn traits – so would not be suitable for a first time dog owner and would prefer to live in an all female household as he is simply more used to women.

He is a very sweet lad that has a lot to give to the right person or someone that is willing to seek further help from our behaviourist on a 1-1 session. Therefore, he needs someone that lives locally in order that they are able to visit him on a regular basis – as he is possessive over his toys and bed.

He loves going for walks and is generally good on the lead loving to frollic in the fields but tends to hug the fences due to insecurity. He has to be rehomed as the only dog but we have no history with regards to cats and he is seeking a new home where any children are aged 16+.

He possibly has been mistreated as he is distrustful of new people and doesn’t like his rear end being touched. Can you offer Sammie a new home? Can you give our active lad the training he needs to educate him to be a super companion?

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Meet Billy, he is an 8 year old castrated male Jack Russell Terrier that was brought back to the Bath cats & Dogs Home in September 2005, after only eight weeks – originally arriving here in November 2004 due his owners ill health and had lived with him since a pup.


Billy is a lovely lad once he gets to know you but is wary of strangers so would suit a new home without too many visitors. He is a friendly chap that bonds quickly and has come on in leaps and bounds. He is very playful enjoys his walks but may pull at first but soon settles.

He has been trained to walk nicely on a harness but as he doesn’t like being touched all over putting it on can be difficult. His recall is not good so best not to let him off the lead – as he is a typical terrier. He would love a new home where he can curl up in a nice bed after a jolly long walk. He is a cuddly chap and very loyal to his owners – but is protective in the home although he is not destructive.

Billy is a good traveller and would love someone that is at home quite a lot as he loves learning new tricks on a daily basis! He is good with other canines but as he is rather dominant best to be the only dog. He is not good with the feline variety and is seeking a new home without children.

Can you offer Billy a new home? Can you give our lovely lad a new start in life?

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Meet Pickles, he is a 10 year old castrated male Jack Russell Terrier that was brought back to us in June 2006 after only a year as they were unable to cope with him. Nice affectionate Pickles when it suits him, he sometimes reveals his true stubborn side associated with the typical Terrier breed.


He likes a bit of fuss on his own terms and is quite playful for his age and loves his toys. Pickles can get a bit grumpy sometimes, especially if he doesn’t get his own way, so any potential owners will need to be aware of this problem and deal with it sensibly.

He was spoilt in his previous home and now thinks he can rule the roost so is preferably seeking an experienced owner who is willing to take the time to get to know him and work with his behavioural issues. Vocal Pickles loves going for walks, is fine on the lead and has been muzzle trained as he has a tendency towards nervous aggression when in the vicinity of other canines.

Pickles is a middle aged chap that is looking for a quiet home without other animals or children. Can you give our little ‘Pickle’ a new loving home?

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Meet Arnie, he is a 7 year old castrated male Jack Russell Terrier that has been with us since September 2007, as he was over-protective. Arnie is a nervous dog who is reserved with strangers, appearing more on the shy side. It takes him a while to gain your trust and become confident with you; however he has improved a lot over the past month since being here.


Arnie would suit an experienced Terrier owner who is patient and understanding as he is very nervous of sudden movements and probably fireworks. Once he is confident of you, Arnie is a very sweet dog who will come over and sit next to you for a cuddle and a fuss.

He is an active dog who enjoys his walks, walking well on a harness and is well behaved once away from distractions. Playful, once he is confident, he knows a couple of commands and will always sit and give a paw, although he would benefit from continued training.

Arnie likes human company although should be fine to be left for short periods and is calm and quiet and not destructive when left. Initially a poor eater, Arnie’s appetite has improved since he has settled in, often preferring to eat just one evening meal a day.

Any potential owners must be willing to come up to get to know Arnie better before adoption. He is good with other dogs but best homed as the sole dog, has lived with confident cats and will make a loving and loyal companion. Arnie is a lovely quiet chap and therefore would like a quieter home for an older family or retired person therefore would not be suitable to be homed with children under 14.

Can you offer our shy appearing lad a new quiet home where he can come out of his shell?

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Meet Snowy, he is a 7 year old castrated male Jack Russell Terrier that has been with us since mid July 2007, as his owner couldn’t cope. Friendly to everyone he meets Snowy enjoys human company, however can be excitable at times. He is a lively dog who has been used to an active life so will need a similar home where he can get the exercise he needs.


Enjoying his walks he pulls on the lead and can be playful but walks well on a harness. Snowy doesn’t appear to know any commands so will need further training in all areas. Playful when in the mood Snowy will need a patient and understanding owner who is willing to put in the time and effort regarding general commands and house training as he has been used to living outside although he is being crate trained to help this.

He is calm and quiet and not destructive when left for short periods. Snowy is not good with other dogs but walks out well with them however can be on the dominant. He is not good with cats or farm animals but will make a fun and loyal companion for any family with children aged 10+.

Can you offer our live wire a new loving home?

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