Golden Retriever


Oscar is a three-year-old, male Golden Retriever, who came to The Mayhew because his previous owners were moving away. He is obedient and knows basic commands, travels well in a car, can be left alone for a couple of hours without problems and is very good with other dogs, enjoying playing with them. Because he is a little nervous and unsure of himself, Oscar would benefit from living with another dog more confident and sociable than himself, as he is more relaxed when he is in the company of other dogs.


He tends to ignore strangers as he is a little fearful of them. He prefers women to men, and though he takes a little while to get to know and trust you, he becomes very loving once a bond is formed. His new guardians will be taking on a twelve-year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.
Oscar can sometimes become nervous and apprehensive around strangers and if he feels threatened will growl and snap at if they try to make him do something he doesn’t want to do, so he is looking for a caring and understanding guardian who will work on building up his confidence. He will need to go to training classes and will need one to two hours of off-lead exercise every day - initially on a 100ft long line until his recall is perfected. Though he has lived with children and has been fine with them, because of his nervous behaviour, we would prefer to home him to an all-adult family. He could live with a dog confident cat.   
With love, patience and consistent guidance, Oscar will be a loving and loyal companion.
 If you’re interested in offering Oscar a perfect, loving, fully committed, lifetime home please visit The Mayhew Animal Home any Tuesday to Friday between 1pm - 3.30pm.

For further information on our adoption procedure please email

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