German Shepherd Cross

Missy - 7 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Missy is 7 years old and has been surrendered to us today German Shepherd cross and very overweight. She is okay with some other dogs and used to cats. She is a very sweet little lady that loves being taken out for a walk.

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Sultan is an 18 month old male German Shepherd cross male. He absolutely loves being with people and is never happier than when he’s able to interact freely with human beings. He can seem a tiny bit cautious at first while he’s sizing up a newcomer, but once he’s decided to make friends there’s no looking back. He is a very, very sociable dog indeed.


He especially enjoys playing, being stroked and being hugged by people he knows to be his friends. He knows various basic commands and should easily be able to learn more, being a very intelligent dog indeed. He will need plenty of walks and exercise to keep him fit, happy and content.

Sultan would be suitable for a household where any children were aged over 15 years. Probably he would be best suited to being the only pet in the house, since he does not appear to be very comfortable around other dogs and would be certain to chase after cats. There is an outside possibility that he might be able to get along with another dog, though it would depend largely on the other dog’s personality (and the two dogs would certainly need to meet one another here first to assess their compatibility).

Sultan is a very good-natured, affectionate and lovable dog who thrives on being with the people he loves. If you can offer this wonderfully sociable and intelligent dog the life of friendliness, exercise, affection and interactive fun he needs, he will prove to be a superb addition to the household and a loving companion to be proud of.

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Troy is a 6-7 year old male German Shepherd cross (possibly Bloodhound). He is very placid natured and very loyal. Her likes to eat dog meat and biscuits, but isn’t too keen on dry foods. He loves children and is sociable with other dogs, but isn’t keen on cats. He’s a big softy and very friendly.


If you would like to adopt Troy, please email Dale at or telephone Karen after 6pm on 01522 797337.

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Mckeown is a lovely 15 month old German Shepherd cross. He is wary in new situations but is gradually gaining in confidence. He is initially timid around other dogs but once he has approached them is generally okay but will need further socialising before he can be let off the lead around other dogs.


Mckeown is very playful and affectionate, he walks quite well on the lead until he is excited and then can pull a little. Given time and training Mckeown will make a lovely family pet.

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Stigger is a 16 month old German Shepherd cross. She is a friendly, happy dog. She came to us as her owner could no longer give her the time and attention which she required.


She needs basic training and she can be strong on the lead, particularly when she sees something she wants to chase. Stigger is looking for a home with experienced owners who can give her the love and care which she needs.

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Rollie is a 16 month old German Shepherd cross. She is a confident, happy, playful dog. She has lots of energy and loves to play. She came to us with her sister Stigger (also featured on as their owner didn’t have the time to give them the attention they needed.


She needs basic training and can be very strong at times, she will need experienced owners who have the time to give her the training and attention she needs. Given time, Rollie should make a fun family pet.

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Jonesy is a 4 year old German Shepherd cross. He is a happy friendly dog. He is very strong on the lead so will need some further training. He gets on well with other dogs, he has lived with Frodo (also featured on for a year. Jonesy is looking for a home with children over 13. He will make a fantastic pet for a patient owner.


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Frodo is a 7 year old German Shepherd cross. He is a playful, lively dog. He has been attacked and bitten by another dog in the past and as a result can be fearful and aggressive towards unknown dogs, for this reason Frodo needs to be muzzled when around other dogs. Frodo is fully house-trained and travels well in the car. He does need a little basic training but given time will make a fun family pet.


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Riley is a very handsome German Shepherd cross male aged around 4 years old. He loves to play ball and would be good for obedience. He would be best suited to a new home with older children or an all adult househould.

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Riley would need some training as he like to stare at you which can be unnerving!


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Bear is a 6 year old male Collie cross German Shepherd. Bear is a very intelligent boy who loves those he knows.  He is very loyal and a little worried by new situations.  He loves to play, adores his walks and loves cuddles.  He is looking for an experienced, adult only household.


For further details about Bear, please contact the Dogs Trust Rehoming centre, West Calder by telephoning 01506 873459.

Address: Bentyhead, Hartwood Road, West Calder, EH55 8LE.

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