Alicia - 18 month old female Boxer

Alicia is a female dark brindle Boxer aged approximately 18 months old. Alicia is a very sweet girl, she knows basic commands (but her recall needs a little work!)

As with most Boxers, she loves human interaction and is happiest when she is either getting a good fuss or trying to climb onto your knee. She is house trained and very good with kids of any age.

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Monty is a 14 month old white Boxer male. He is deaf and he has come into our care because the family who have had him since a puppy cannot cope. Monty is house-trained, good with children as he has been brought up with two. He is also good with other dogs.

[youtube: 400 400]

He needs a home where someone can spend time training with hand signals,ideally with another dog to show him the way forward.Monty is bright and will learn quickly.


Is there anyone used to Boxers who could help fin a home for this lovely dog who has lost the only home he had known? We would prefer Monty to be rehomed in the north east area.We are close to Middlesbrough.

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