Border Collie Cross


This lovely boy is Tim, he is a black and white Border Collie cross male aged approximately 10 months old. He would make a smashing addition to any family.


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Coco is a 5-7 year old female Border Collie cross who came to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in August 2006. Although initially a little aloof, Coco turns into a giggly, affectionate girl once she has built a bond with you.  She likes to be heard and seems to enjoy the sound of her own voice!


She spent time with the Behaviour Unit for her behaviours towards strangers and this has been worked on by the team.  Coco has  quite a complex manipulative character and needs owners who will not be pander to her demands.  Owners must be willing to follow advice given by the Behaviour Unit to ensure that these behaviours do not progress.

Coco is an older lady who is already quite set in her ways.  She is quite active for her age and is looking for owners who will appreciate her larger than life character.

Coco is looking for owners who have experience with breeds such as Collies and German Shepherds and owners who have had dogs with strangers issues before and dealt with complex, manipulative characters.

Coco can be very vocal so neighbours will need to be considered, she would be ideally suited to a semi-rural or rural environment with a garden for training and a multi carer, adult household without any children due to stranger reactions. Coco cannot live with other dogs due to her possession issues.

To receive advice and guidance regarding this training from the Behaviour Unit staff that have worked with her, potential owners should be prepared to come into the Dogs Home for a minimum of two visits.

Please call the Behaviour Unit on 020 7627 7884 if you are interested in Coco or email us on and quote ref 2006/03987 Coco will need some further training in her new home.

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Trip is a 4 year old Border Collie cross, he is large in size and can be strong. He loves to go for walks and play with with toys, he is affectionate and gentle and would need a home with adults only as he can be greedy with food. He will make a rewarding and loyal dog for a mature couple or single person.


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