Belgian Shepherd


This is Sky a 5 year old Belgian Shepherd (Malinois). He came to us as a stray in January 2006. He is a very striking looking dog, being silver grey in colour.


He has been at the Brixworth Sanctuary for a long time - and needs an understanding family as he is very sensitive. Due to his insecure nature and high reactive personality, we are looking for an experienced dog owner with time and a lot of patience.
Sky’s new family will need to have no other animals or children and be able to spend most of their time with him.

For further details please contact the Jerry Green Foundation Trust (Jay Gee Sanctuary for Dogs) in Brixworth, Northampton by telephoning 01604 880003 or e-Mail

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Paris is a three-year-old, male Belgian Shepherd, who came to The Mayhew because his previous owner had to move into sheltered accommodation.

He knows lots of commands and is extremely well-behaved and responsive; very good when off of his lead and with excellent recall. He is toilet-trained, travels well in the car, and can be left alone without any problems.

A playful dog who loves his toys, especially hard plastic ones, he is also very loyal and dotes on his handler. He can be aloof with strangers but is very affectionate with people he knows. He loves being groomed and will need to be groomed daily. He also likes to have his own bed in his owner’s bedroom. His favourite treat is roast chicken.
Paris wasn’t very good with other dogs when he first came to the home, but has since been intensively socialised and can be walked off-lead around other dogs that he knows. His new owners will need to continue this socialisation, and he will need to be muzzled and walked on a long line when walked in the park around dogs he doesn’t know. He will need one to two hours of off-lead exercise daily. His new guardians will be taking on a twelve-year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.
Paris is looking for a new loving home with someone who has owned large breeds before, ideally German Shepherds. He could happily live with someone who works part-time. He is good with children but has not lived with them before, so we would prefer to home him with sensible children of ten years and upwards only.
If you’re interested in offering Paris a perfect, loving, fully committed, lifetime home please contact us today.

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