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Megan - 10 year old female Border Collie

Megan is a 10 year old female Border Collie, she is very sweet, though a little chubby at the moment as she needs exercise. Megan will make a lovely pet, she needs to be re-homed with someone who is at home most of the time, or who can keep her with them as she gets distressed when she’s left on her own.

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Rafter - 2 year old male Cross-Breed

Rafter is a 2 year old male cross-breed. He has been at Many Tears a long time waiting for a home. He is fine with female dogs but does not like other males. He needs an experience dog owner who is willing to work with him. He loves people although can be a bit over enthusiastic when he first meets you! This is because he absolutely hates life in the kennels and when you enter he is just desperate for you to take him out. He really needs to find his forever home.

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Bertie - 2 year old male Labrador

Bertie is a golden Labrador male aged about 2 years old. He is a big friendly boy, very good with other dogs, but a bit boisterous and in need of some basic training. He will need a secure garden as he has been used to straying and would be best suited to a family with older children. He will need someone who will give him the exercise and mental stimulation he needs and who is prepared to work on his training.


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Gerrard - 2 year old male Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Gerrard is a 2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier male, he is a great example of this breed! He is a handsome red brindle colour. He is well mannered and okay with dogs and cats.

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Bartie - 11/2 year old Stafforshire Bull Terrier female

Bartie is a beautiful 1 1/2 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier female, she has the typical personality of her breed! She loves all of the fuss and attention she can get and will make a superb family pet.

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Tina - 17 year old female Collie cross Spaniel

Tina is a lovely family dog who spends most of her time sleeping these days. She is a bit deaf so stamping on the floor boards or a gentle stroke may be needed to get her attention. She absolutely loves playing ‘fetch’ and will remove any item from the floor on command.

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Missy - 7 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Missy is 7 years old and has been surrendered to us today German Shepherd cross and very overweight. She is okay with some other dogs and used to cats. She is a very sweet little lady that loves being taken out for a walk.

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Beebee is a 4 year old female Mastiff cross, she is a beautiful lady that is well trained. She is house-trained, good in the car and can be left for short periods of time.


For further details about Beebee, please contact the Dogs Trust Rehoming centre, Canterbury by telephoning 01227 792505 .

Address: Radfall Road, Chestfield, Nr. Whitstable, Kent, CT5 3ER.

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Sam is a medium sized cross-breed aged approximately 4 years old, he was known as Zeta but it just did not suit him.  He is an absolute sweet heart of a dog that loves people and will sit for hours having a fuss. He is loves other dogs and would suit most households. Sam is neutered, vaccinated, micro chipped all homes are homechecked.


27Feb2008 | Babworth Animal Rescue Kennels | READ MORE


Kizzy is a gorgeous 4 year Neapolitan Mastiff female who has had a terrible run of luck. She was originally from a home with 10 dogs and was given to rescue because one of the other dogs took a dislike to her. She was then rehomed to a family who ignored all of our advice on how to settle her in and she became terrified of them. Instead of giving her a chance, listening to our advice and helping her they dumped her back on rescue within a few days!


She then developed a serious internal infection and nearly died but luckily the foster carers who took her in are loving, patient people who have nursed her back to health and they adore her. With all of the troubles she has been through she needs a loving, patient home with people who are experienced with Mastiff types. She has been no trouble at all with her foster carers and we desperately want to see her in a good home as soon as possible.

27Feb2008 | Neapolitan Mastiff Welfare UK | READ MORE