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Megan - 10 year old female Border Collie

Megan is a 10 year old female Border Collie, she is very sweet, though a little chubby at the moment as she needs exercise. Megan will make a lovely pet, she needs to be re-homed with someone who is at home most of the time, or who can keep her with them as she gets distressed when she’s left on her own.

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Tina - 17 year old female Collie cross Spaniel

Tina is a lovely family dog who spends most of her time sleeping these days. She is a bit deaf so stamping on the floor boards or a gentle stroke may be needed to get her attention. She absolutely loves playing ‘fetch’ and will remove any item from the floor on command.

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Missy - 7 year old female German Shepherd Cross

Missy is 7 years old and has been surrendered to us today German Shepherd cross and very overweight. She is okay with some other dogs and used to cats. She is a very sweet little lady that loves being taken out for a walk.

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Hughie is a 6 year blond Neapolitan Mastiff male. He is described by his owners as “… big and soft. We have had him since he was a pup. We have had no problems with him health wise and he weight almost 10 stone when we took him for his vaccinations! He has never shown us any aggressive tendencies. He lives in the barn with our Bloodhound. He does come in the house at times.”


Hughie is due to be neutered on 5 March so will be ready for rehoming around 15th March. He is used to living around horses, cats and other dogs although he has never met children.

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Max - 7 year old male German Shepherd

Max is a very splendid thick-coated black-and-tan German Shepherd male aged 7 years old. He was brought in to Derby RSPCA Centre after his last owners decided they no longer wished to own a dog and agreed to let an RSPCA Inspector to take him away.

He is an extremely friendly boy who loves to play - especially ball games - and is a very lively, cheerful and bouncy dog. Being a German Shepherd Dog, Max is very intelligent and highly trainable. He already knows at least 5 commands and could easily learn more. He would probably enjoy being taught more commands and would respond to extra training with concentration and enthusiasm. He is very quick on the uptake.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EWWhDSFreY&autoplay=0 400 400]

He seems to get along well with other dogs, so he might be able to be adopted by someone who already has another dog, depending on that dog’s personality. Like most dogs, he barks at cats and would probably chase them. He would also be likely to chase rabbits and similarly small furry animals.


Max would be suitable for an active household where any children were aged over 10 years (or over 7 years if the children were already used to living alongside a big hefty dog).

He will need plenty of good long walks and lots of exercise. He will also need regular careful grooming, to stop his coat from becoming matted and dirty.

Max is a dog to be proud of - and if you can provide him with the active, healthy lifestyle he needs (as well as plenty of love, kindness, attention and ball games), he will make a magnificent companion and a lifelong best friend.

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Tinkerbell is a poodle cross of mature years ! When she arrived she was a sedate lady and we thought it kinder not to put her in the kennels, but house her with our own (4) dogs. What a revelation!


She has turned out to be a girl who can fend for herself, run as fast as young dogs and is brilliant with children! She needs to gain a bit of weight, have some dental work, then she is ready for a new home, an appointment with some nifty scissors and a long bubble soak!!

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Troy is a 6-7 year old male German Shepherd cross (possibly Bloodhound). He is very placid natured and very loyal. Her likes to eat dog meat and biscuits, but isn’t too keen on dry foods. He loves children and is sociable with other dogs, but isn’t keen on cats. He’s a big softy and very friendly.


If you would like to adopt Troy, please email Dale at or telephone Karen after 6pm on 01522 797337.

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Tango is a 6 year old tan medium sized cross-breed female. She loves food and treats. Enjoys walks, is a favourite with volunteer dog walkers. She travels well in the car. She loves to play with her ball. Also likes the company of other dogs. She is house-trained and likes to be groomed. Tango does not like cats! She is looking for an active, experienced owner. Not first time dog owner.


For further details about Tango, please contact the Dogs Trust Rehoming centre, Ilfracombe by telephoning 01271 812709.

Address: Hazeldene, West Down, Ilfracombe, North Devon, EX34 8NU.

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Lexie 6 years old German Shepherd (spayed) female. She is looking to be rehomed with female owner(s) as she has shown aggression towards males in the past.


For further details regarding adopting a dog from Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Blidworth, please telephone Lana or Sapph on 01623 792886 or email . Address: Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Warsop Lane, Blidworth, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0PG.

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Meet Fairway, an 8 years old Lurcher male, he’s very friendly and quiet, he’s okay with teenagers, house-trained and travels well.


For further details regarding adopting a dog from Jerry Green Dog Rescue in Blidworth, please telephone Lana or Sapph on 01623 792886 or email . Address: Jerry Green Dog Rescue, Warsop Lane, Blidworth, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0PG.

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