0-1 years


Skippy is a 10 month old Whippet cross Collie female. She is very bright and has endless energy. There is a lot of potential waiting to be harnessed, time and patience training her will be well worth it.


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Charity is a 6-9 month old black and tan medium sized cross-breed female who was rescued from the Pound so she has no history. She seems very friendly!


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Sam is a Dobermann cross Whippet male aged approximately 9 months old who urgently needs your help as she has a limited time to find a new home.. He was picked up after being abandoned outside of a Tescos store. The owners drove up, tied him to the railings and drove off! Sam was sitting outside the store for three hours before he was rescued, but luckily customers and staff covered him with coats to keep him warm as it was late at night.


Sam is slightly nervous of people but only until he gets to know you. He very quickly builds a trust with you and is an excitable pup once he gets to know you. Sam hasn’t previously been very confident with other dogs and so today we bit the bullet and chucked him out with 14 others dogs. Success!

After initially raising his hackles, he quickly relaxed and started playing and running about. It wasn’t an initial thing either as the dogs all went out together twice today and there was no aggression from him or bad behaviour.

Sam is best suited to a home with no cats and older teenage children only (due to his boisterous nature) and can live with other dogs.

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Dolchi is a male brindle Terrier cross aged 10 weeks old. He came into the rescue with his sister (also featured on DogsBlog.com), but we are urgently looking to be rehomed seperately. He is good with people and suitable to live with a cat, but growls at other dogs so would be best as the only dog in the home.


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Cabana is a female brindle Terrier cross aged 10 weeks old. She came into rescue with her brother, but we’re urgently looking to rehome them seperately. She is a nice natured little girl, good with people, tolerant of other dogs and would be able to live with a cat.


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Noel is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross male aged around 4 months. He is looking for a new home after he came in from a family who no longer wanted him.


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Marlon is a 6-12 month old medium sized cross-breed male who is a fun young lad with a bubbly and cheeky nature. He will need owners that will provide him with lots of fun training as he will easily get upto mischief. Marlon can live with a female dog that will be happy to share her home with him and will be a good role model for him.


He has such a lovely character and you would easily fall in love with him. Marlon can live with young teenagers that will help with training him as he does act live a kid himself. If you feel you can offer him a home please come down and register with us.

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Blair is an adorable male Hound cross Spaniel type puppy, he is only 6 months so will grow some more, owners must be prepared for a big puppy and adult once fully grown. Blair was brought to Battersea as a stray so we have limited history about this lovely lad, new owners will have a loving and active addition once settled.


Ideally Blair is looking for experienced rescue dog owners or people that have dealt with anxiety problems before, although he is a lovely natured boy he will not make a suitable dog for the first time owner. Unfortunately due to the consistent training needed Blair cannot live with young children, teenagers would be considered.

Blair is a needy and very demanding dog, he loves being around people and isn’t happy being left on his own, he will need owners who are around the majority of the time. Blair will need patient and understanding owners to start his training, deal with his breed traits and work through his attention seeking and anxiety problems.

Blair is very social with other dogs but tends to get bullied or picked on, he could possibly live with a confident adult female who will be his friend and role model. Like many hounds Blair can be vocal so ideally needs to live in a more rural location where neighbours will be considered.

If you love a challenge then Blair could be the ideal dog for you, he is a super dog with so much potential in experienced hands. To find out more please contact the rehoming team at Old Windsor on 01784 494443, apply online or email us on .

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Friday is a Jack Russell Terrier male aged approximately 9 months old. Friday was brought to Battersea when he was only 5 months of age, sadly he is still here looking for a new home, his previous owners were moving abroad and sadly couldn’t take little Friday with them.


Like most Terriers Friday is a bold character and ideally needs experienced owners who have owned Terriers or similar feisty types, Friday would not make a suitable pet for the less active owner wanting a lapdog companion type.

Friday is active and intelligent, he has good motivations for training and responds well to a firm and consistent approach. Unfortunately in his last home Friday was allowed to do as he pleased and did not receive any training or guidence, dedication is needed.

Being a puppy Friday does get bored, he cannot be left alone for long periods and would benefit from crate training. Friday cannot live with children, an all adult household is preferred as he will need confident handling and consistency fro day one.

For the Terrier enthusiast Friday will be make a super addition, if you feel you could offer the home he needs please contact the rehoming team at Old Windsor on 01784 494443, apply online or email us on .

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Meet Sandy, a 6-12 month old female Shar Pei cross. She is a sweet natured, affectionate and sociable young lady, who already has some training in place. She is looking for a nice new family who can keep up the good work with her training.


Sandy could possibly live with a another male dog if the match is right. She is also fine to live with cats and has done so in the past. If you feel you could offer this amazing young lady a permanant loving home, please contact us today.

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