Spaniel Cross

Tina - 17 year old female Collie cross Spaniel

Tina is a lovely family dog who spends most of her time sleeping these days. She is a bit deaf so stamping on the floor boards or a gentle stroke may be needed to get her attention. She absolutely loves playing ‘fetch’ and will remove any item from the floor on command.

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Miller is a 2 year old Collie cross Spaniel. He is an intelligent, active dog. He initially came to us as a stray and was very nervous, but now he has settled is very playful and happy. Miller can be nervous in new situations and will resort to aggression if he is pressured or feels threatened by people unfamiliar to him.


Miller is very fidgety and mouthy and needs complete basic training. He would be best suited to a very active or a working home where he will receive plenty of input and attention. Miller is only suitable to be rehomed to an adult household with owners who have previous experience of the Collie breed. Given time Miller will make a fantastic, loyal pet.

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Blair is an adorable male Hound cross Spaniel type puppy, he is only 6 months so will grow some more, owners must be prepared for a big puppy and adult once fully grown. Blair was brought to Battersea as a stray so we have limited history about this lovely lad, new owners will have a loving and active addition once settled.


Ideally Blair is looking for experienced rescue dog owners or people that have dealt with anxiety problems before, although he is a lovely natured boy he will not make a suitable dog for the first time owner. Unfortunately due to the consistent training needed Blair cannot live with young children, teenagers would be considered.

Blair is a needy and very demanding dog, he loves being around people and isn’t happy being left on his own, he will need owners who are around the majority of the time. Blair will need patient and understanding owners to start his training, deal with his breed traits and work through his attention seeking and anxiety problems.

Blair is very social with other dogs but tends to get bullied or picked on, he could possibly live with a confident adult female who will be his friend and role model. Like many hounds Blair can be vocal so ideally needs to live in a more rural location where neighbours will be considered.

If you love a challenge then Blair could be the ideal dog for you, he is a super dog with so much potential in experienced hands. To find out more please contact the rehoming team at Old Windsor on 01784 494443, apply online or email us on .

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Ziggy is a 4 year old Collie cross Spaniel. He is a very lively confident dog. He loves to play and be the centre of attention but can get a bit over excited and mouthy when he is playing.


Ziggy needs a very active home where he will receive lots of attention and exercise as he has endless energy. Ziggy will make a brilliant family pet for children over 12.

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Maggie is a 8 month old Springer Spaniel cross, who came to The Mayhew because her previous owners relationship broke down and neither were able to keep her. A friendly girl, she loves to play with people she knows and other dogs.


Although timid of strangers and easily spooked, once she has been coaxed out of her shell becomes very affectionate. Still very puppy-like in her behaviour she will need to learn basic commands, toilet training and be taught manners. She hasn’t been tested with young children but would happily live with teenagers.

Maggie is an extremely affectionate dog who loves to be close to you and adores being stroked, massaged all over and sharing cuddles. She is a very active and bouncy girl who will need approximately two hours of off-lead exercise every day. She doesn’t like to be left alone, if left on her own she will bark and become destructive, her new guardians will need to address this problem and help her over come her separation anxiety.

Maggie’s great loves in life are going for long walks, learning new things and playing. She loves to dig in the garden and enjoys shredding plants. This extremely affectionate girl bonds easily and will adore her new family.

Given plenty of stimulation, this bright, playful and loving dog will make a wonderful companion for someone who has owned dogs before, ideally Spaniels, someone who is willing take her to training classes and can provide her with an endless supply of toys. Her new guardians will be taking on a fifteen year commitment, which must not be taken lightly.

Maggie will certainly make a unique and wonderful friend!

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