Neapolitan Mastiff


Kizzy is a gorgeous 4 year Neapolitan Mastiff female who has had a terrible run of luck. She was originally from a home with 10 dogs and was given to rescue because one of the other dogs took a dislike to her. She was then rehomed to a family who ignored all of our advice on how to settle her in and she became terrified of them. Instead of giving her a chance, listening to our advice and helping her they dumped her back on rescue within a few days!


She then developed a serious internal infection and nearly died but luckily the foster carers who took her in are loving, patient people who have nursed her back to health and they adore her. With all of the troubles she has been through she needs a loving, patient home with people who are experienced with Mastiff types. She has been no trouble at all with her foster carers and we desperately want to see her in a good home as soon as possible.

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Hughie is a 6 year blond Neapolitan Mastiff male. He is described by his owners as “… big and soft. We have had him since he was a pup. We have had no problems with him health wise and he weight almost 10 stone when we took him for his vaccinations! He has never shown us any aggressive tendencies. He lives in the barn with our Bloodhound. He does come in the house at times.”


Hughie is due to be neutered on 5 March so will be ready for rehoming around 15th March. He is used to living around horses, cats and other dogs although he has never met children.

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Vito is a young male Neapolitan Mastiff who was rescued from a sad life in a flat about 8 months ago to live in a country hotel with 3 Dalmatians, cats, geese, goats and parrots for company! He is described as gentle and loving, adoring the company of people and other dogs.


He is being rehomed because he becomes too excited when seeing small dogs and cats and this is causing a problem in the hotel as many of the guests bring small dogs. This fairly common problem can be helped with behavioural modification and management which we will offer help with to his new owners.

Obviously his new home must not have cats or small dogs but he will happily live with other medium to large breeds in a Mastiff-experienced home so please get in touch with us if you are interested in him. He is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped and has no health problems other than a slight recurring eye problem easily resolved by inserting drops.

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