Buster is a male Mastiff aged approximately 7-8 years old. Poor poor boy, he was so skinny when he came to us, just skin and bones, it broke my heart. Buster was rescued from the pound some months ago. His foster mummy Karen says he’s put quite a bit of weight on and is doing well - he was about a quarter of his correct size when we got him and his feet looked too big for him.


He is also recovering from mange and has alot of bald patches. He’s lovely and has a nice temperament. He is happy to get in the crate in the van, walks well on the lead and loves having a good nosey about. He wasn’t very playful, we can only assume no-one has played much with him before, how sad but is now a happy chappy and such a softy.

He is fine with other dogs, we probably wouldn’t rehome him to a house with small children because he is a big dog, and has quite a whippy tail. Please call his foster mum Karen on 07761541123, he is in Lincoln.

24Jan2008 | Doris Banham Sanctuary Lincoln | READ MORE